Signature Hardware Community Battles Childhood Hunger

SHC-logoSignature Hardware Community (SHC) hosted a Penny War throughout the month of May. Our company was divided into four groups based on departments, and the rules were clear: The team with the most points wins. Each penny put into your team jar scores one point, but each silver coin or bills scores negative points ($1 bill = -100 points). Up the ante by putting silver coins and dollars into other teams’ jars to send them into negative-points territory. The jars were set out, the points were tallied each week, and the sabotaging of other teams began. Our marketing manager raised the stakes by personally delivering a $100 bill to customer service in a bid to show that the Business Development team meant, well, business.


Associates continued to gather pennies, but their efforts were counteracted with dollar deposits, leaving all teams with negative points. The competition remained close until the final day when the Warehouse made a bold move: they delivered a TUB FULL OF PENNIES, which ultimately gave them the win (bragging rights and a homemade trophy)!


However, the real winners were the children in our community. Tony Fairhead, executive director of Childhood Food Solutions, stopped by to see us and did some quick math to tell us about the results: Our competitiveness brought in $9,064 to feed children over the summer break: $4,532 was directly donated out of associates’ pockets, then that amount was matched by SHC. Tony said this was enough to fund Childlhood Food Solutions for the month of July and fill his entire moving truck with snack packs.


Pat yourselves on the back, Signature Hardware associates. This Community played hard, and everybody won!


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