Creating a Friction-less Customer Experience

We are happy to announce the completed merger of the Sales and Customer Service departments. Customers will now have all of their needs fulfilled by one person. In the call center world, we call this one-touch resolution. It simply means that we don’t pass our customers around.

We are also announcing live answer for all customers is now active. An employee in our Erlanger, KY offices, not a pre-recorded phone system, is the first voice the customer hears when the phone is answered. We will no longer require customers to listen to menus and press buttons to talk to a live person. Our customers will spend less of their time getting the help they need.

Once our customer reaches one of our employees, they will be assisted by a trained professional. Our Customer Relations Department has developed a series of hands-on product specific training modules. Each employee is given hands-on training and must pass a test on each module before moving on. As an employee advances, they are given additional modules. Each CRR is also trained to assist the customer using the “Signature Style” guidelines. We expect them to be true advocates for the customer and solve the customer’s problem in a quick and fair manner.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the customer and provide a friction-less transaction. Why is this important?

According to Gartner, “This year, 89% of companies will compete mostly on customer experience.” The less friction that a customer encounters, the more they will spend with the company.

In the age of social media, customer’s know more about the company than the company knows about itself. We actively seek out and monitor customer comments on sites such as Houzz and Facebook. Our business will never be perfect, however, when we make a mistake we acknowledge it and do our best to make things right.


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