In The Community

Formed in late summer 2016, Signature Hardware Community (SHC) is a group of service-minded employees who focus on giving back to the community. Signature Hardware supports an employee-run committee that organizes and provides monthly volunteer or donation opportunities for associates and their family and friends. SHC seeks to partner with community organizations to help those … Continue reading In The Community

Teamwork at Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware’s guiding principles for decision making are customer-focused, employee-focused, and community-oriented. This means that as we create, evaluate, and improve policies and processes, we question how our customers, employees, and community are impacted by the decisions that we make. Signature Hardware takes a scientific approach to testing ideas in that we look for evidence … Continue reading Teamwork at Signature Hardware

Gender Equality @ Signature Hardware

At Signature Hardware, women represent 58% of our customers. However, our employee base is only approximately 30% women and our leadership is even less. Women represent nearly half (47 percent) of the total U.S. labor force, however they are underrepresented here at Signature. While this is typical at manufacturing and distribution companies, it also means … Continue reading Gender Equality @ Signature Hardware